The best slings and expert hoisting advice for your steel or metal business

As a metal business, you mainly focus on delivering reliable products. You do not need the hassle of worrying about the slings you need and the way in which they can be used. As a specialist in slings, we take care of all of this for you and offer you expert advice, solid products and reliable delivery. 


High-quality products that come with the necessary certification.


Our experienced specialists can give you suitable and expert advice.


Savix attaches a lot of value to sustainability. Ask about the recycling possibilities.


To businesses in the metal industry, Savix mainly supplies slings for multiple and single use. Our slings are extremely popular with metal businesses throughout western Europe and they are used in many different ways, in many different situations and for many different products. We buy our products directly from the manufacturer, which means we can also offer you customisation. Need slings fast? We can deliver directly from stock.

The benefits for steel and metal businesses:

  • Expert advice for the correct use of slings
  • Certified slings that come with manuals and advice for use
  • Standard products available from stock
  • Customisation and printing possible
  • Competitive prices
  • Used slings can be disposed of for recycling purposes

Expert hoisting advice for your metal business

We have all the knowledge to give you expert advice. We supply slings to the metal businesses throughout the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. Need advice about the single or multiple use of slings? Please contact us today for an appointment. If you have a specific question or want an immediate quote, please complete the form below and we will contact you within one business day.

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