Slings and one-way
slings for every
type of use

Slings have to meet strict standards, which should come as no surprise, because slings are often subjected to extreme loads that need to be hoisted without any problems. Savix supplies slings – suitable for reuse – and one-way slings. The latter are intended for single use only.


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High-quality products that come with the necessary certification.


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Savix attaches a lot of value to sustainability. Ask about the recycling possibilities.


One particular property of the infinite sling is that it forms a one-piece circular loop. Hoisting operators like to use the infinite sling because it enables them to secure it to loads of different shapes in all kinds of ways. Savix has a wide range of slings for every work load.

One-way sling – a one-way traffic sling

The single-use sling is also referred to as the one-way sling, but we tend to stick to single-use sling. But what is single use? Does it mean the sling can be used only once or not? Can the sling accompany the load to its destination? And can all of this be manufactured in accordance with the same standard?

Savix’s consultants are happy to discuss this with you because they understand you want clarity and safety for yourself and your environment.

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Savix develops its own straps to ensure it delivers an optimal product. This also means you can buy customised slings with your logo, etc. printed on them. We have all the knowledge to give you expert advice. Please contact us today for an appointment. If you have a specific question or want an immediate quote, please complete the form below and we will contact you within one business day.

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