Operating in a state-of-the-art production facility in the Netherlands, Savix® weaves certified lifting slings and one way slings that meet the highest international quality standards. We employ the latest raw materials and latest technological developments in our fully controlled production process. This is how we establish a new standard in the industry.


Nothing but the best raw materials are good enough for your lifting belts. Which is why we select the best yarn and other raw materials for you. By means of modern quality management and strict quality controls, we guarantee that your lifting belts meet the highest international safety standards.


Our state-of-the-art production facility, which partly runs on energy from our solar panels, ensures that we are able to meet the growing demand for lifting belts. Cutting-edge automation and robotization ensure an efficient production process and the ability to produce large numbers of lifting straps without compromising on quality. Regardless of whether you place a small order or have a large-scale, long-term project, we are ready to meet your needs.


We at Savix® understand the importance of protecting the environment. As a result, we take proactive measures to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Our products are manufactured with carefully selected raw materials that meet the strictest environmental standards. Working towards the transition to a circular economy, we contribute by producing lifting belts that last a long time and can be easily recycled. By applying a polyester label, our lifting belts are fully recyclable. Finally, by using solar panels we also reduce our ecological footprint.


At Savix®, we are committed to transparency and security. This explains why we have invested in the full traceability of our lifting belts. If required, we can trace the production conditions of each lifting strap in detail for you. By means of an individual QR code on the label of the lifting strap, you have access to the digital product certificate and customized, low-threshold user instructions for your employees. That's how we support you to comply with legal obligations and promote the safe use of hoisting belts inside and outside your company.