Straps for
professional use

Savix supplies straps to hauliers, distribution businesses, manufacturers, contractors, stores that sell construction materials and to fellow wholesale businesses. We deliver our products straight from the factory, focusing on service and offering expert advice. 

Savix buys its straps from carefully selected manufacturers. The proven quality is guaranteed and certified. As Savix supplies straps in large batches, we can sell them at competitive prices.


High-quality products that come with the necessary certification.


Our experienced specialists can give you suitable and expert advice.


Savix attaches a lot of value to sustainability. Ask about the recycling possibilities.

Polyester straps

Savix’s straps are woven from high-quality polyester. Naturally, you can have your own logo or message printed on the straps. A relatively low investment that has promotional value on the one hand, and it also prevents straps and protective corners from ‘wandering’. And if they doend up in the wrong hands, at least they will be advertising your business.

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