Protective corners
for loads
and straps

Corner protectors (or protective corners) are invaluable when you use straps to secure loads that have straight corners. You want to protect the corners of the product to be shipped against the pressure of the strap but you also want to protect the straps against the sharp edges of the load. A corner protector underneath the strap reduces the risk of the load and the strap from suffering damage or breaking.


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Manufacturer of corner protectors

Savix manufactures corner protectors, enabling it to deliver a guaranteed high quality at a competitive price. The injection moulding process is entirely completed at a plant in the Netherlands. The local production of corner protectors offers us high levels of flexibility when it comes to the specific wishes of customers. Special colours, protective corners made of polypropylene, extremely hard ABS or flexible HDPE, short delivery times and a wide range of quantities. Savix delivers it.

The corner protectors are made from recycled plastic. Most of our protective corners are made of old PET bottles.

Corner protectors metal, wood, paper

Our corner protectors are used for the transport of paper (rolls and pallets), cardboard, wood and metal, among other things. In the latter case, it doesn’t concern the protection of the load but that of the straps. Sharp metal profiles can damage or even cut through the straps, leading to all kinds of risks. Corner protectors will prevent this. There are, for that matter, no corner protectors especially for paper, wood or metal. All protective corners are the same and can be used universally.

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