As a hoisting business or company that uses hoisting equipment, you are always aware of limiting the risks of the load. Savix supplies slings for the logistics sector. It also offers advice about the right use of the slings. Looking for slings for your business? Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made substantive and financial offer.

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Load security

Savix Transsupply is a specialist in load security. Savix’s protective corners and slings offer maximum security for your load. Protective corners protect the load against the pressure exerted by straps and they protect your straps against the sharp edges of the load at the same time. Savix also supplies certified polyester strips for the business market.

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Big bags

Big bags are often used for goods that cannot be transported on pallets or as general cargo. Savix Transsupply supplies big bags for sand and gravel, rocks, wood, mineral wool and asbestos, for instance. The big bags are available in various designs and sizes. It is also possible to have your logo, etc. printed on them. Ask about the possibilities. Big bags are fully recyclable.

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High-quality products

The common denominator of Savix’s products is high quality. The slings, straps, protective corners and big bags are all extremely sturdy and come with the necessary certification.


Advice from experienced and expert specialists

Savix Transsupply is a reliable supplier of a selective range of products. Our experienced specialists have the required knowledge of these products and they are able to give you tailor-made and expert advice, specifically for your situation.


Savix recycles used slings

Some of our products can be used only once but are ideal for recycling. Ask about the possibilities of recycling your straps and slings. And now that we’re on the subject of reuse, Savix’s plastic corner protectors are made of recycled PET bottles.

Savix transsupply
the specialist in loading and hoisting safely

Savix Transsupply, with branches in Uddel (NL) and Emmerich am Rhein (DE) supplies equipment that makes it possible to secure or hoist loads. Our customers mostly include transport companiesjoinery worksthe timber-frame construction industry and processors of reinforcement steel.

We buy our products directly from the manufacturers and they can be tailor-made. Our expert consultants will be happy to offer you suitable advice about hoisting. Please contact us for an appointment.